Many of the best cities in the world offer bike tours. From Havana to Quebec, from Hong Kong to Sydney, you can tour around on two wheels learning about the history and culture of some amazing cities. And since 2010, Sarasota Bike Tours has been offering Sarasota bicycle tours right here in the Sunshine State.

Owner, Jason Crain, was inspired to start Sarasota Bike Tours after taking bike tours in New York, Amsterdam and Hawaii. The Hawaii tour offered incredible scenery, whereas Amsterdam and New York explored history and architecture. Jason brought all of those elements together to create his menu of bicycle tours for Sarasota.

Jason is a Sarasota native who has been riding in the Sarasota area his entire life. He knows every back road and hidden secret Sarasota has to offer. When you take a tour with Jason, you’re guaranteed to go off the beaten path and see something special that’s not the usual tourist site.

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